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the world changer

When I was in tenth grade we had to write a ten page report on a significant world leader. I chose Adolph Hitler. When the preacher’s kid chooses Hitler, the room stops and stares! Even the very strict Ms. Andrews pulled me aside and said I could have a topic redo if I wanted. I mean, I could have chosen Gandhi or even Jesus…but I chose to spend three months reading about genocide, concentration camps, and the Diary of Anne Frank.

I was sticking to my decision.

After only a few minutes of researching the Holocaust in the Dothan High library, I realized my decision might have been hasty. But I pressed on. I believe those moments may have shaped my world-changer-heart and secured my passion for breaking the back of injustice. (See the full story.)

My sweet friend, Tiffany hooks me up daily with Amazon Freebies via text. My iphone kindle app bookshelf is becoming quite full thanks to her saavy finds. (She’s a 3-ring-binder couponer and mom to toddler, hence her off-the-chain freebie skills.)

Yesterday her find led me to “Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy.” I have heard a little of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, but look forward to reading of this man’s faith, through one of the most difficult times our world has ever seen. Reading this book description, and walking down tenth grade memory lane, I’m reminded that we have it so easy. Our life is so blessed.

Perspective is often the best form of clarity.

Keith’s mom was diagnosed with cancer last week. (More on that…). On the same day we heard of her news, Keith’s 4 year old nephew was having surgury. And, on my way to work that same day, our “Old Blackie” a 1998 Isuzu Rodeo broke down, leaving me stranded and sweating on the roadside for about an hour. This week, the refrigerator decided to fritz out, ruining most of our cold groceries.

Our life has been a little difficult recently.

When we heard the news of cancer, the song playing in the background was “Sing Hallelujah!” Our truck is in repair, and having to bum rides with friends has actually been kinda fun! Our fridge miraculously started working again (we really didn’t need those 3 ice cream sandwiches and the 2 year old deer steak anyway). Our nephew is doing great. And we are believing the same for Keith’s mom.

We know God is in control.

I can’t wait to dig into some of my new Kindle freebies, and cheapies. Do you have any favorite reads or lovely freebies?


Bless the hands…

A few months ago I invited my grandmother over to eat dinner with us in our tiny love-shack-of-a-kitchen.  Not just the quick and easy kind of dinner either.  It was the full home cooked spread.

Given my previous lack of skills in the kitchen, this moment was truly an amazing feat for me.  I have kitchen stories from the early days of our marriage that we won’t even speak of…there are jello disasters and dish rags full of tears from the trials and “terrors” of my efforts with Mr. Uncle Ben…moments that had prevented me from even opening the cabinets, forcing me to accept my fate as a future drive-thru mom.

However, I am blessed with a heritage of heroic Godly women, and also of great southern cooks.  Dinner is traditionally more than just a meal, it’s a moment.  My mom and grandmother, and their mothers, made sure of that.  We eat at the prepared table, and we eat together, when it’s just ready.  There’s a call to wash up, then the call to “gather round.”

After the rounding, we “gather” hands and pray.  Each one has their own favorite words, “Dear Lord,”  “Dear Heavenly Father,” “Thank you Jesus.”   But there is one that phrase resounds at the end of every prayer.  You can almost feel it coming, the breathing pause, and then these precious words, “…and bless the hands that prepared it.”

I’ve never really given a second thought to why we prayed this.   Gathering over our meal that night, I hear my grandmother praying the family blessing over my hands.  That moment awakened me to the secret of how, and why my favorite women have been so richly gifted with great cooking hands.  It’s not the special cast iron skillet, its not from her special spoon or pan, or even the particular brand names she favors, but rather from the many gathered hands simply asking God to “bless them.”

Now, the more I cook, the more I hear someone blessing me, helping me move a step further into this rich heritage.

“We can do no great things, only small things with great love.”               — Mother Teresa.

The bible says, “In all things we are more than conquerers…” Rom 8:37

~What things do you need God to help you make great?

the Ambassador

Do you ever have brain freezes over a single word?  A word that makes you ponder amazingly deep and profound ideas?  It’s the power of a word.  The momentum, the possibility of a verb, a noun, an adjective.

My recent juncture found me deep in thought over a single noun:  “Ambassador.”

Ambassador.  The dictionary grips my heart and translates this moment best with part three and four, of it’s definition:

3. An authorized messenger or representative.
4. An unofficial representative, “an ambassador of goodwill.

Many adjectives come to mind when I heard this word in my heart. “Brand” Ambassador – as mentioned on my favorite reality show, Celebrity Apprentice by the hunky chef Curtis Stone.

We even have “National Ambassadors” given to the heads of nations.

When my parents were growing up, their youth were called C.A’s for “Christ’s Ambassadors”. If they were here reading this article, they would be lifting their hands in the air with hippy movement, singing a song that sounds like “Kumbaya’s” cousin.

When I was growing up, my Strawberry Shortcake sleeping bag accompanied me each summer to “Camp Ambassador.” We didn’t have a special song, but we did sing and have a competition for ‘Camp Queen.’ And I humbly wore the “runner up” title to my friend, Haley “future Miss America contestant” Spates…who at age make-me-sick-seven could sing perfectly like Sandi Patti. Ahhh, not bitter, nope not one bit. (haha! Haley is a dear friend, even still today, which makes our memories even sweeter!) Our election speeches were given on the back of a big old camp bus, called “The Glory Land Express.” Mine went something like this, “Hi my name is Jennifer, I’m from cabin number seven, if you vote for me, you’ll go to Heaven.” The little preacher even in 5th grade – guess you can see why “Sandi” won the crown that summer!

So this idea. Ambassador. Pounding in my heart. I responded as usual. Scribbled the word out on a 3×5 index card and jabbed it to a bulletin board for some pondering. My thoughts immediately went to charity, evangelism, missions and discipleship, which I sub-jotted below the giant word with my fine tip sharpie. A month later I realize why this blog has been in “draft mode” since April 17th. God has been preparing me for something greater than my own human mind could surmise as a meaning for that simple index card. He has opened the door wide for me to become what I can only imagine to be the greatest type of ambassador possible, a “Prayer Ambassador.

Three weeks ago today, on May 11th, a journey began for me that has truly “renewed a right spirit in me.”   The Lord simply asked me to launch a “call to prayer” and start a facebook group for a friend in my church who was having severe post childbirth complications, which developed into a blood disorder. She is still in the hospital. Her baby girl, who’s name is ‘Journey’ is out of the hospital doing wonderful! My friend however is still in need of a miracle. I was not sure who would join me in the prayer initiative, if any. Honestly, it felt like a crazy irrational, emotional idea but I pushed through that great wall of doubt and on Tuesday night at 7pm, the invitation opened and I sat hoping for “one or at least, God, please let there be two” who would join me! I literally started sweating and hoping for people to join me in this “if my people” type of cause. I’m super excited to say three weeks today, we have over two thousand who have joined our “little prayer group.” Look what God can do! Nothing less than a perfect miracle, and His amazing Glory working though us!

All God asks is for obedient hearts, and in return there are blessings beyond measure! We think we have to be the ones to bring the “measure” – but we are so wrong. We could NEVER accomplish His Measure! Not even if we tried. I have been overwhelmed by how much God can do with so little. What is the “little” that God is asking of you? The little whisper, the little thought? The one that seems so insignificant, that would surely be idiotic or crazy or worse…unimportant? Trust today my friend, that God is looking for those things…not our twelve hours of labor and sacrifice, he wants the small and insignificant things, so he can prove to us His Might, His Worth, and His Glory — through us.

More on 'it' – a PERSPECTIVE in marriage and conflict.

Recently the Lord has been allowing my heart to connect, with several sweet gals who are just plain going through it. You know what “it” is, don’t you? We’ve all seen it, and felt it a time or two. It’s that season in life that you never thought you would face. Or you thank God you are not facing any longer. It’s the scary season when everything is beating you down and you just don’t know what to do and you wonder if life will ever bring you out of this season. Somehow this is my season to not encounter “it” personally, but vicariously, through several others.

The Lord has graced me with a counseling word through his Holy Spirit for this influx of marital attacks. The first and foremost being,

1. Conquer the negative thoughts.

…get rid of the NOT TRUE beliefs.

In his fruitless attempt to damage marriage, here are a few “not true” thoughts that the enemy will use first to launch an attack in our mind:

“My husband does not love me because of this….” = NOT TRUE

“I would be better off if I had married….” = NOT TRUE

“Divorce would be better than staying married.” = NOT TRUE

What can we do to conquer those negative thoughts? Be strong.  Be bold. Don’t let the enemy work in your mind and tell you lies.  Take authority over your situation, by first recognizing the lies.  “I would be better off without him.” NOT TRUE!!!  It’s hard to imagine this right now in the midst of turmoil, but there will be a moment down the road when you will be so in love again, you will have your arms around each other and wonder why you ever considered ending this beautiful relationship. The truth is the moment you became one, the honeymoon moments in marriage, the fun vacations together, those are the truth moments in your relationship. We have to live in those moments, even when things are tough, and somedays it will take work and effort to create those moments again in your mind. But listening to lies, will only produce living in lies. Learn to think the truth, so you can live in the truth.

Once you determine that you are listening to lies, the next thing is simply:

2. Replace lies (or untruths) with truth.

How can we activate TRUE thoughts? Start with the truest Word in the world, the Bible. Apply a real scripture for your situation. It’s not difficult. You only need to start with one, like Philippians 4:8,
“Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.”

You have to remind yourself, I mean, physically tell your mind that all of these things are not heart issues, they are head issues. You have to push past the fog of confusion to get to the root of the problem. If the situation were truly a heart issue, you would know it. However,
“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, lean not to your own understanding.”


3. Let God fight your battles, not your flesh.

So many times, women (especially this one) think the best solution is the one we have to say. Again, Not True. When we learn to pray first, instead of talking (or debating) first, the outcome is monumentally better. I heard a great lady once say, “Take your mouth off of it.” Meaning, don’t try to fix it verbally. Verbally responding quickly turns into anger, strife, envy, gossip…ultimately regret.

Also, personally, I can tell you that if you commit to “not giving up” – no matter what, never, ever, ever spending the night apart, or leaving mad or going to sleep mad – that your marriage will be stronger.  It’s like “putting your face to the wind” and saying, “Ok, come on storm – show me what you got!  I’m not letting go, I’m not giving in. Bring it on.” You have to stop believing that “quitting” is the easy way.  It’s NOT. Let me just speak clearly and the truth here. Facing your problems, IS the road less traveled, but it offers the sweeter victory.

I believe the promise with you today ladies that you will live in peace and rest, and that God will grace your marriage with His never ending, passionately powerful, agape love.

more on “the Spirit of Perspective” ~ “the prayer Perspective” and “the Spirit of Pursuit

My Five

At the recommendation from my smart, bigger, little brother, I started watching a sermon series his pastor in Birmingham preached recently, called FIVE.

It’s been on the “I’ll get around to it someday” list. And someday just happened to stumble my way recently. This series has, for me, been one of those epiphany, life-altering type moments. If you are looking to step up your life, this leadership principle will get you there. It’s called the Rule of Five, as taught from leadership guru, John Maxell, to help you obtain success, by mastering simple steps today. Pastor Hodges, bases the series on a Proverbs that says, “an intelligent man aims at wise actions…but the fool starts off in many different directions.”

He also advised FIVE seekers to take the ’30 Days to Live’ TEST. If you had 30 days to live…what would you do?

“Teach us to number our days
and recognize how few they are;
help us to spend them as we should.”

John Maxwell’s five:
-Ask Questions

Pastor Chris Hodges five:
-Spending time with God
-Spend time with Spouse
-Spend time with Family
-Lead (Think, Communicate, Lead, Minister – Who did I touch today?)
-Take Care of Me.

My Five?
Still a work in progress. But having five seems to take the pressure off the list of 500 that I try to fit into my life. Clearly defining who we are in life, can happen with five simple, easy, daily routines. I like how Pastor Chris said it, “actions do not necessarily mean accomplishment.” I will have to apply that one from now on.

a wellspring

Life is a funny, funny thing, as Alanis said, >>like ten thousand spoons when all you need is knife… Aaahhhh, I can look back at seasons where I could barely catch my breath from all the “doing,” believing the mis-truth in my heart that surely I was doing ‘as unto the Lord’ because I was giving all of myself wholly to the world. A self-sacrificer, or maybe a selfish-sacrificer, nonetheless.

At the turn of my third decade on this earth, last summer, those “secret of life” questions began resounding in my heart. There must be more than to have given so much only be left empty, broken and hurting. I’ve learned the hard way, being busy will never fix those things.

In a conversation with my love, my millionaire man (well, maybe not yet, but I see that much worth in him now), we were talking about this concept of life and purpose and our passions. How many people get to truly do what they love everyday…very few. They say they love it, but that’s because they have to. Truly, truly waking up, jumping up each day exhilarated beyond measure to pursue the day, would, to me, mean living life to the fullest. What would living out our passions truly look like? What would the world begin to look like? Could we change our world, if everyone pursued their soul-purpose?

The windows of my heart seem so buried under the layers of life, that three decades into it, I find it difficult sometimes recall that “original recipe” of what I was created to be. You remember how the “New Coke” was so messed up – nobody wanted it? We all wanted Classic Coke back, that’s where its at people! Sometimes I think we just have to take time to humble ourselves, and say, Ok, so I tried, this and I tried that and it did not work. So now I’m going back to the place where I originally started, the road I was originally on, before I took that wrong turn, and I’m starting there. Going to a place way back in the recesses of my mind and heart to rekindle my “original passion.” This week, I’ve been stirred by a noble theme, as the psalmist David says, as I recite my verses before my king.

Colossians 3:17 “whatever you do in word or deed” was heavy on my mind the past few days. I’m relating it to my new passion theory: “that my doing unto the Lord should only be done through a heart of original intent, full of passion, spilling over with words, and deeds.” Our passions, from Christ will somehow always revolve around Colossians 3. I believe that anyone’s true passion can be found by meditating on this chapter.

He starts by telling us to get rid of the junk! Our psalmist also says, “guard your heart, for it is the heart is the wellspring of life.” It’s clear, the heart is like a wellspring, when that spring gets clogged up, nothing will work right. The issues of life, and our sins can prevent us from functioning/flowing with our true life passion. Throw out the sin issues, that’s step one. (which, btw, is super easy. just ask Jesus. yup, that’s it.)

Then he tells us, now that we are holy (um, just cleaned up through prayer), we can have super fun, adding some decorations to the place, and getting some new clothes, like compassion, and kindness, humility, gentleness and patience – oh those are so much fun!! And they look good too.

It’s all about spiritual maturity (as my millionaire man preaches to me daily.) Growing up in Christ means changing out our old with our new. yes, it’s scary and may be difficult (letting go of the past hang ups or addictions). But living a life FREE from sin, and bondage truly is rewarding and unbelievably good.

From that point, our spring starts blossoming with trees and flowers, Lilly pads and birds. Ok, maybe I’m illlustrating too much of my own perfect stream here, but my point is – that’s when the Beauty starts to happen (something I preach to my millionaire man daily. lol) We become Beautiful creations in Christ. Peaceful, Thankful. And showing others the way to obtain their own beautiful wellstream.

So yes, Passion. Real Passion, starts with a pure heart. Join me in seeking God, for that “pure and holy passion – one magnificent obsession – one glorious ambition for my life – to know when to follow hard after you…”

As my friend Candi Pearson Shelton sings it (yes, well ok, so we were on choir tour a few summers together in high school). A song, from one on of the greatest worship albums ever, Passion’s One Day live:

thanks: super talented brother

Embracing the day!

People have asked me a lot lately, what do I do all day? With all that time on my hands? No job, no kids, and NO TV? wha-t?? As if those are the only two things a woman in “my condition” should be doing (a 30 year old gal, living in southern America.) I answer: “Weeeeell, (deep breath) my life is pretty full actually. Clipping coupons (yeah, right), cooking, cleaning, shopping and watching Grey’s Anatomy on Hulu, only when I have the time, of course (fake yawn)”

— Actually the first three are just first impression bits. When i say cooking, I actually mean stopping off at Subway on my way home from shopping, then “cooking” a batch of pull-apart Pillsbury cookie dough to eat while I watch every drama and reality TV Show Hulu has to offer. And by cleaning I mean, straightening the pillows on the couch and closing the door to the bedrooms. Yes, I live quite the busy life these days. But there is no resentment here when I peer beyond my back fence to the private schools across the main road buzzing with busy lives…well maybe I’m a teeny bit curious, but that’s the “future soccer mom wanna-be” in me.

You see, ‘busy’ has really never been a good friend to me in years past, so I’m choosing to embrace these unusual days, this slower season of life. They are after all, precious and rare. And I am certain for reason beyond my knowing, that it’s my “lot” to embrace my cup with pride, on behalf of all womankind. Ok, so I’ve watched a few too many red-carpet interview videos from E! online today.

I was reminded this morning in the quiet of the day the truth about truly living and “doing” as unto Christ. “And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.” I’ve mis-interepreted that word to mean that all my busy-mess must be done in the name of the Lord. But after reading this passage in entirety, including the preceeding scriptures I’m understanding today that all of our words and deeds, should be consumed in doing “the name of the Lord.” What can we “do” to represent the name of the Lord? Well, many things are mentioned here – u can journey that one on your own, but I’ll mention the first: clothe yourselves with compassion.

So what am I doing today you ask? I’m clothing myself with compassion. I’m worshiping in his Presence, and I’m waiting, quietly in his embrace as Rita sings my life song today:

Mind Your Head

Lately Africa has been tugging on my heart strings. Maybe it’s all the breath taking images of Haiti. They remind me of a life beyond my big southern world. I confess, many times, I’m the girl, who changes the channel at the commercials of the hurting and homeless, avoiding articles about charities and stories of compassion. Simply, because it grips a place in my heart so deeply that I’ve mastered the skill of piling all those emotions into the closet of my heart and putting the chair against the doorknob to seal it shut.

On May 1st, 2000 – I packed my bags and my heart, and I boarded a plane to Johannesburg, South Africa. When I returned on May 29th, my bags were in hand, but my chest was completely empty…and soo full at the same time. At twenty years old, it only took one journey to change my life forever. For many years I have said that I left my heart there. The images, the aroma’s, the sounds in my ears, were all a symphony of sweetness to my soul. The hurting country somehow helped heal my hurting heart, more than my songs, I believe, ever helped heal them. I was in that place, a tiny chasm of time, where passion met purpose. And oh, I’ve tried to journey there through other ventures…but nothing quite satisfies.

But there is a place where I can go,
that Jesus only knows…
a place of quiet peace,
of love and perfect stillness.
On my knees, in sweet embrace,
in the chamber of that secret place.
The gentle waves of grace and praises
exchange from the Fathers heart to mine.
At his feet I find my rest, behind the veil
a place where my heart will be made well.

When I stepped that first foot off the plane, walking into Africa, there is a feeling…nothing to see, nothing to experience, just a feeling…many have shared…an overwhelming mixed moment of fullness, and disbelief, joy and so much more – deeply indescribable. And that’s just the very first step of the journey! We haven’t even arrived in the memories of my visits to orphanages or the safari’s or the cities yet! The first step was amazing, a moment I will remember forever.

Lately, the ‘groaning earth’ has disturbed that fault line inside my heart, to a 7.0-type shaking. I’m feeling the beats again, and hearing the songs of children, awakening my heart to childhood dreams.

But ten years later, my slightly more realistic mind tells me that the adventures to the deep may be too far out of reach, and that I should settle back in with my cup of coffee and my wireless internet connection and reach out to them by simply texting those five digits to my favorite charity, and moving on with my day. I’ve wrestled with this of late. Giving or Going. Which is my part?

As I sat under the southern hemisphere stars one night during my journey, I asked my Big God a Big question: How long will it be before I can journey back to this land and this people I have fallen so in love with? Immediately that voice in my heart gently whispered….’10 years.’ My heart sank, and I pleaded to have mis-understood. 10 months, 10 weeks, but not 10 years! I was a woman in love, swept away with a new passion for sharing the Love of Christ to a dark continent. Nothing else mattered. No hair, nail or makeup treatment even compared. And even somehow here we are, at the mark, and my heart is questioning this year, this moment. Did I make the most of my time? Am I ready? Is it really time?

The door to that place of passion in my heart has been closed pretty tightly in the past ten years. Sitting in a third floor cubicle, expected to place mutual fund trades by market close, pushing away images of big white smiles, and dusty streets. At a brunch with bosses and new clients, smelling chaffing dish burners and rushing to the hallway, to breathe deeply, as to not cry with memories of the auroma of Africa.

A few nights ago, someone (one of those friends who is usually on the other line talking to Jesus) called me out of the blue, and in the midst of my questioning heart, she spoke to that place deep inside of me. She said, ‘Jennifer, I had the weirdest dream this morning. (She joined my heart and went on her first Medical Missions trip to Africa last September!) – I was IN Africa again, stepping off the plane, and I heard the attendant say ‘Mind Yo’r He-ad’ (as they say in their British/African accents.)” – Instead of our English version “Watch your feet!” they say, “Mind your Head.” I have no idea the origin of this little ditty…but her dream details were like words from my Father in Heaven! Majestic! A reminder to me today, to Look up! Don’t get bogged down thinking about it. Just step over, into your dreams! and — Mind Your Head!

thanks: maybemaq & mcleod

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the Spirit of Perspective

This weekend I met a friend, who told me that she and her husband are signing divorce papers. Very sad situation. Her husband is now living a full life of sin. All she could say was she wanted her marriage to work. That takes a strong woman to allow her self to go through such difficulty and still desire to stay. Her biggest regret, was not loosing a husband, not loosing a marriage, but the fact that her grand kids will be left with a legacy of a grandmother who was divorced. What an untrue perspective! I had to tell her that her legacy will not be her failed marriage. Her legacy will be that she was a great woman of God who stood up in the face of difficulty and she had faith in her Father in Heaven, to show love in the face of hate. And that’s what her grand kids will remember of her the most, her faithful love.

But see, the enemy consistently shows us a wrong perspective about our situation. The only tactic he has is to tell us that we are loosing, truthfully, that‚Äôs his end, not ours. He will tell us that we have lost a battle somewhere, and there is no way to get it back. But the good news says that there is a way back! Isaiah 61 clearly points the way; From despair to praise. From mourning to gladness. That’s good news, and a right perspective. The devil wants us to stay down, to believe the worst and live in that lost hope. But the truth is rising up, and shouting for us to rise up. As women of God its time to rise up!

So my sister, I’m still linking arms with you today. With your calling, with your heart, your desires, your marriage, your finances, your motherhood, with everything about you and together we are going to rise up into the Beauty of who we were created to BE. To Pursue, with a renewed Passion, what we were meant to pursue, without confusion, without fear. I speak RENEWAL over our lives. No longer held back by LACK, or insecurity, or challenge but BREAKing past the REALM of impossible thinking. Breaking forth into new realities and new visions, accomplishments, and completions — by our hands. Nothing holding us back!

The Wind Blows..

written 4.7.07 – 2AM

The wind blows across our face and beckons us into the deep

Some move with swift intent, others warn and question-

The journey is far and fast and wide, much to our hearts surprise

We were made with the breath to sustain the distance

We were made with the hope and the promise of dawn

Will we run the race and raise the sails of our journey so steep?

Will we cower behind the shadow of sleep until the wind is faint and still?

How do we know what tomorrow holds?

How do we know if the wind is sure?

All we can do is watch those around us with wind in their hair

Their sails set high, courageously passing us by.

Once we rode the sea of adventure,

Once we held onto its spontaneous embrace.

We flew together, the wind and I, as we glided across the midnight sky.

The stars shown bright that night, each one brilliant and close –

Flying across the ocean deep

A destination to behold of once mere childhood dreams

Now finally, walking upon this land where ancient stories linger

A smile, the smell, permanent photographs upon the heart

– The wind is now in my hair

As swiftly as the stars appeared over the journey so great,

The dawn drew in the final tears and silent memories of late

The wind once blew upon my face, but now it’s faint and still.

Will I run the race and raise my sails in another journey so steep?

Or will I cower behind the shadow of sleep, and watch it pass me by?

– The wind is blowing upon my face.


Tonight I’m up late, again, not sleeping. It’s been almost a year since the spark of creative writing has flowed thru my fingers. When I write in poetry or free style I feel connected and alive. I know this is only the work of the Holy Spirit igniting the spark of anointed arts inside me and that is where I am most complete. I was finishing up another late Saturday night preparing worship and sending out some last minute emails thru myspace. I saw a picture of a girl I went to South Africa with, nearly 7 years ago. The moments I spent in SA are etched on my heart forever, like a tree scared with the hearts of two young lovers. The etching will always be there I believe – with the smiles, the beautiful faces, the smells, the tastes and the sounds of that place continuously beating thru my soul. I remember flying to South Africa across the midnight sky; the 18 hour journey seemed like one second. The stars were beautiful as I looked out across the ocean somewhere. I was standing in the cockpit, as the captain of that SAA aircraft gave me a tour of the stars – something I will never be able to do again commercially. I remember the very first steps I took onto the ramp in South Africa, it was very surreal, like a slow motion movie. It was something I had been dreaming of for years. Some days, when I smell chaffer dishes or certain kerosene’s I see the pictures of the faces in my heart and I can feel their dark little hands reaching out to touch my ivory skin. Right now, I know I’m not in position for that wind to sail me back. But in my dreams I’m already there and in my heart I have a buried treasure full of memories.

I saw of my one of my African travel companions tonight that captured the very essence of a powerful woman, a woman who follows the wind, and is ready to run with any movement of the Holy Spirit. She was standing somewhere in India with the most beautiful calm on her face, in only one of her many experiences ministering around the world. I’ve watched her for the past few years and I am amazed by her adventures and her passion for God. She has traveled thru Europe, Dominican, many other countries and now India. Tonight I am inspired by her passion and her journey….the journey….all of our journeys…