Isaiah 6

This song and scripture, Isaiah 6, peirced my heart today. It’s often easy to think that everyone knows about Jesus. I often fall blind to the reality of those who are lost. It’s not as black and white as my small mortal mind would like to make it, placing the notions of soul salvation into two rote categories of those who’s Eternity are secured (like me) and those who have heard and just for some reason have chosen not to be. I often (sadly) think of the lost as  souls who are purposefully living outside of God’s love and friendship. As if everyone has had the chance for choosing Christ and they know the consequences of their choice for not choosing him. 


Even the word envokes a thought of some ancient thing that tends to not be common today. It’s something my husband is deeply called to and lives to share hope to those who are lost. 

I’m hearing this word in my spirit that there are more hearts to be gathered for Gods Kingdom. And it’s time to go out and tell them. Who else will go?

“There are roads that are still untouched

That have have yet to receive your love.

All creation is crying out, to receive your cross.

There are hearts that have yet to see

The power of Christ that has set them free

For such a love you have sent your Son to save what’s lost.

…So who will go?”


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