Ask. Seek. Knock.

door knock
“Ask, Seek & Knock” this was my word study this week. I could not pull myself away from this scripture this week. I kept meditating on these three words.

I had the revelation that this passage is speaking to three uniquely different levels of pursuit: spiritual (heart) emotional (soul) and physical (body).

The Lord says, “When you seek me with all your heart…you shall find me.”

I began to think about this concept of knocking! How do you knock, when you are told no? Keep knocking.

Knocking requires a physical encounter…it’s done with the hand in the air, and also an open ear close to the door, so you can hear someone say, “Who’s there??” You can’t just keep knocking. Listen and be ready to answer, “It’s me!”

“What do you want” – the owner says

“I’m hear to ask and seek from you.” – the heart replies

Be ready with your asking, be ready with your seeking. God always prepares us in perfect sequential order with what we need. You’ve already been asking, you’ve already been seeking. Now when you knock, the door will be opened. Because you will know how to ask and seek from the Owner, as your petition is ever present on your lips.

Physical knocking of the hand to the door can mean physically placing a fist in the air, making a phone call, or even monetary exchange. Whatever is it that you are spiritually seeking, make your request complete by a “knocking” encounter in the physical.


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