reCreate – ladies night

recreate jenn
Last night I had the awesome privilege of spending time with our church ladies group. Good food, good fellowship, means good fun! Our ladies have been going to the reCreate Conference, at Church of the Highlands each year, and since so many of our ladies were not able to go, I wanted to carry a piece of that annual, life-changing weekend back to my church girls. So we rallied up the troops and hosted a little local “reCreate Ladies night” of our very own.

What does it mean to reCreate? I’m sure COTH, has a clear vision for the women’s conference, but here’s what I shared with our ladies last night of my own version,

“reCreate” – to reshape, to refresh, to restructure, to reconnect. The word “create” means to fashion or to make something. ReCreate is as similar to the rearrangement of one’s living room furniture three times a month, as it is to the ongoing reshaping of her heart and life. I can’t explain to my husband, Why I have to reshape the furniture – I just do. When we experience the power of this recreating together, we reshape, refresh and renew one another into stronger, more powerful, more Godly women. I can’t really tell you WHY we need each other – we just do!

We tossed a ball around the room, like a hot potato, and laughed together until I nearly peed my pants! It was then my turn to bring the devotional (more on that to come..), and I began by sharing a story from when my husband and I were first stepping out onto the Dave Ramsey debt-snowball life, and how a sweet church friend became my Secret Jesus (because apparently, having a quality deep conditioning treatment IS vital to survival, it’s food-clothing-shelter-conditioner, people!) Sometimes, having someone simply notice what we are going through, by sending a card, sharing a hug, giving a gift or treating us to Starbucks, makes all the difference in the world.

I can’t really tell you WHY we need each other – we just do!

Last night was the start of something really amazing for the ladies that I church and do life with. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for us this year!


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