Bedding in Bedlam

“If I go up to the heavens, you are there.
If I make my bed in the depths, you are there”
Psalm 139:8

The Psalms have been my sweet place of refuge and healing ointment to my soul these past few years. There is just so much goodness, madness, grief, messiness and all out drama among those pages, I can’t help but soak up its everyday reality. King David was about as real as it gets. His best friend turned his back on him. He rose to incredible position and purpose, yet failed morally and miserably. He tried to cover his crimes with more crime, became desperate and destitute. Through it all, this man held on to that place in his heart for his Father in heaven. Like a current running through the ocean, his pure of heart love for God ran deep. So deep that he threw off high society and his rich wardrobe, and danced before the Lord like nobody’s business.

What Will People Think?

I believe there are three main thoughts that flood the mind of mankind:
1. Worry
2. Self Doubt
3. Confusion

Those three working in conjunction together can destroy families, careers, finances, and futures. How do I know that most thoughts consist of those exact three? Because those are the three themes I consistently hear threaded in daily conversations. If you listen, you will hear them, too.

“I’m so worried…”
“But, I’m just not..”
“Why? I don’t understand…”

Lately, I’ve partnered into conversations that have taken the path of worry, diverged onto the dirt road of self-doubt, and started bush hogging the road to confusion. It’s like taking a trip with no map. You think your destination is just a little bit further, you’re sure you are getting close. And yet, you get further and further deeper into the woods, or more miles away from your true destination.

Worry gets in the car with you and smells a little foul. Doubt coaxes the keys away from you and convinces you to sit in the back. Confusion takes the keys, cranks the car and recklessly speeds away leaving you hopelessly lost, helpless and car sick in the back seat.

The sad truth is people forget that they own the car! Their Father gave it to them. The keys actually belong to them! And they have the power and keen ability to drive their car. Because their Father taught them how.

Even sadder is that once confusion has driven them to the place called Bedlam, where all confusion lives and dwells, they take up residence with them. They make there bed there and remain trapped as slaves for the rest of their life.

King David knew about confusion. He asked God many questions. But he also made many life observations that are true and full of faith and facts. No matter how confusing life gets, no matter how lost we find ourselves, or how low the grave is we feel we have dug. Even if we make our beds and camp out in that deep dark place, where we truly don’t belong, He is there. He is always there.

Psalm 139 is framed with the author’s notes – “for the director of music.” Leading worship in my church each week, this one is for me…

“You have searched me, Lord, and you know me…”


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