It’s an under stated function.

Breathing regulates our hearts, and restores our bodies. Oxygen repairs our cells, and is a natural aid in times of pain, stress or exhaustion.

As a chronic night owl, the repetitive yawns repeatedly beacon me goodnight.

I’m lover of all things southern fried, and will plunge past the first and second full-belly warning breath at our Paula Dean style family dinners.

Pilates is my favorite form of exercise.  Simply for the fact that there is no excessive cardio or heavy lifting, and un poquito sweating!  It’s mostly deep breathing and stretching, and it works!

Before worship on Sunday, I prayed specifically for people to experience the presence of God. That we would not just have the knowledge of him, but the presence of him as well.   The band began to play, and the thoughts in my head turned to the conversation I might have with the new believer, “Jenn, what in the world do you mean…”feel the presence of God, and experience him?” How does that happen!?”  I’ve just asked these people to do something I’m not quite sure I can explain.  So my heart turns to God and I question, “Yeah! How does it happen?”

As the band plays, I’m standing there simply “breathing in.” As I’m pondering, that great question, “how do we experience God,” I become keenly aware of the fact that I was beginning to experience Him, to feel His presence, encountering His Spirit of Love, Joy, Peace…simply by breathing Him in.  That’s simply how we encounter His presence.

In 1 Kings 19, Elijah wanted to experience God’s presence. While hiding in a cave, God revealed that he was not in a fire, or a storm, or a wind, but in a still small whisper.  God’s presence was in the quiet voice, and breath.

Breathing is an autonomic process. We don’t think about it, it just happens.  It’s just present. It helps us live, it relaxes our nerves, and if done strategically, can help us heal or even get in shape!  It’s the same with God’s presence (his spirit, the breath of God) working in us. When we are functioning in His Spirit, his presence is autonomic.  It just happens.  We don’t really know how we are feeling peace, we just are.  We’re just breathing.

It’s extremely simple.  And it’s extremely complicated.

How have you experienced God or encountered His presence?


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